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LyvEdit is an iOS app with unique features that let you highlight and cut out parts of your video - while recording!

Edit your videos in real-time, then combine the best parts in seconds!

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See it in action!


Cut, Trim & Split - Live!

Trim out the beginning, cut sections from the middle, or split your video into multiple parts - all while recording!

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Rate Your Interest Level

  • Press WOW to highlight the best clips

  • Use MEH for regular footage

  • Press NAH to cut out the boring parts


LyvEdit allows you to make adjustments for several minutes, so you can ensure the cuts are in just the right place.

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Save Your Edits

When you're done recording, select one or more options to create a personalized video montage or split the video into multiple files - instantly!


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Make a long story short

LyvEdit is the easiest way to preserve and share your memorable moments. You know whether something is interesting while it’s happening, so why edit the footage days or months later — or never?


Try LyvEdit today, and see how much time you can save when you Edit Live, Not Later!

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