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LyvEdit: The Easy Way to Edit Video

Updated: May 19, 2022

You want to record the good times, but video editing sucks! Why not turn the process upside down?

LyvEdit is the easiest way to edit your videos and share them instantly. How? By letting you edit videos while recording! Simply rate your Interest Level as events occur, then combine the best parts in seconds.

Highlight & Cut Out Clips

Do you ever find yourself recording a video and saying “Wow”, “Meh” or “Nah”? With LyvEdit’s unique features you can input your reaction while recording, then use these ratings to cut up and recombine your video however you like!

To highlight an interesting moment, press the WOW button. Press NAH to cut out the boring parts, and use MEH for everything in between. Slow reflexes? No problem! LyvEdit allows you to make adjustments, so you can ensure the cuts are in just the right place.

Make a Montage!

When you’re done recording, select one or more options. You can make a montage by combining all clips of one type (e.g. all the WOW segments) or save clips of any type as separate files to do additional trimming later. You can also simply cut out the boring parts and keep everything else.

If you’re not certain your cuts ended up in the right place, you can keep the original unedited video — just in case.

Closing Thoughts

LyvEdit is the quickest way to preserve and share your memorable moments without all the hassle. You know whether something is interesting while it’s happening, so why edit the footage days or months later — or never? Edit your videos in real-time, and save yourself from hours of tedious work. You can save so much time when you Edit Live, Not Later!


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